Our Savannah Cats

Everything about our Savannah Cats

Our Savannah Cats and their selection was really hard for us. Especially since the selection in Germany is not great. The search for suitable parent animals has lasted for years until we found our savannahs.

Particularly striking character & external characteristics

For us it was particularly important that the Savannah cat is really purebred and is a real Savannah cat. As a hobby breeder, we always strive to improve our hobby breeding, to get closer to the characteristics of a Servals. We always look for type full Savannah Cats that not only contribute visual enhancement, but also bring the character of a serval or an F1.

The Savannah Cats from usare extremely affectionate and immediately start to purr when in attendance. In their cuddly units they always make milk. Some of our Savannahs are also very talkative, and if they want to enforce something, even though they say no. Then they start arguing with one over the prohibition by chattering, for example.

Our Savannah Cats

This is a one of us Savannah Cat in his Home on the Island Borkum (Nord Sea). On This Foto Dexter is one year and three months old and already weighs over 8 KG.