Our Savannah Cats

What to know about our Savannah cats

It was not simple task for us to find a proper selection of Savannah cats. This is mainly due to the fact that the Savannah cat breed is hardly widespread in Germany because most people here are not familiar with this breed. As a result, we spent several years in finding the appropriate parent animals for breeding Savannah cats.

Significant features and traits

It was our top priority to ensure that the Savannah cats were actually genuine and moreover pure breds. As passionate hobby breeders, we are constantly working on improving our breeding expertise in order to achieve the features and characteristics highly resembling those of a Serval cat. We are always on the lookout for Savannah cats whose typical features are highly predominant, which not only improve their physical appearance but also induce the characteristics of Serval or F1 cats.

Our Savannah cats are strongly affectionate and always purring whenever they are around. When being cuddled, our Savannah cats acknowledge this with a rhythmic treading of their forepaws. Our Savannah cats are also very „talkative“. For Example, they will respond with cat noises in an attempt to do anything else but that which they have been told to do. You could easily get caught up in a long discussion when trying to scold (kindly, of course!) a Savannah cat.

Our Savannah Cats

This is a one of us Savannah Cat in his Home on the Island Borkum (Nord Sea). On This Foto Dexter is one year and three months old and already weighs over 8 KG.