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Welcome to our Cattery “Savannah Genetics”,

Here in the menu item “Our Cattery” we want to explain the way we proceed in our hobby breeding closer. To be able to take a picture of us in advance.

Unsere Zuchtstätte – Gewichtskontrolle der Kitten

Right from the birth of the second Savannah kittens, we weigh the first kitten. After that, the kitten comes in a red light illuminating breeding box. In which the first kitten is kept for a few minutes until the birth of the second kittens is completed.

We do that because the newly baked Savannah mother does not accidentally put her on her kitten. We start directly with the weight controls, twice a day.


Between the 10-14. Day open the Savannah kittens their eyes, with about 3 weeks they start slowly to explore or crawl.

Biologisch artgerechte Rohe Fütterung

From the fourth week of life, after they have begun to explore the area for a week on shaky legs, we animate the Savannah kittens to eat. With pureed wet food, ground beef and day old chicks.

At the same time we start to give goat milk or goat milk powder by rearing bottle, one week later we start with the deworming. – Our kennel
Ziegenmilch per Special-Aufzuchtflasche

In order for the kittens to learn more quickly from the 4th week of life, a playpen is required by the sleeping place and the eating place next to the Kitten Katzenklo is available. It is common knowledge that baby cats have a short bowel, so the litter box must be close by.

Kitten Laufstall

Therefore, the narrowed area must be through the playpen until the 6-7 week of life, then the kittens break out of the playpen. Of course this does not matter, this is the time when the kittens have to learn to stay in a larger room until delivery to larger premises to promote this is a litter box in the middle of the room available.

From the 5th week of life the kittens slowly start to play active, are more stable in their gait. Meanwhile, the Savannah kittens are curious to explore their surroundings and to experience new things. Such as the visit of our little siblings between 4-12 years. The help us to shape the kittens on children. So you will not be afraid of you later.

Sozialisierung an Kinder

Furthermore, the kittens get to know the TV, also loud music. To free the kittens from the fear of the vacuum cleaner, we drive every day with the vacuum cleaner in the kitten room and also in the playpen. Mostly we reach through this procedure, the Savannah Kitten to hunt the vacuum cleaner and play with him.

From the 7th week of life, the kittens begin to develop clear characteristics and discover their preferences. Most discover the benefits of sleeping under the blanket overnight, for example. They start to relate to us and follow us from room to room.

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