About Us

We, that is Dominik & Daniel, present our hobby breed Savannah Genetics in Germany.

We are 2 young media designers from Karlsruhe in Baden-Württemberg near Stuttgart – Frankfurt – Basel (Swiss). And his father from Alsace in France.

We are breeder of this rare and luxurious of Savannah cat. We make our commitment available to the Society of Hybridcats (GHK).

Our goal is to work together with the GHK to solidify the Savannah cat in its characteristics. Likewise, the shoulder height of over 40 cm, which is to be reached permanently.

We also take care of the media design, which means we take care of the web design, web programming and post production of all GHK members and manage all related sites we serve, such as Youtube, Google+ and Instagram.

Our breeding cats are tested for the following diseases:


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