Savannah Genetics – Savannah Cats in Germany (Karlsruhe)

Savannah Genetics

We, that is Dominik & Daniel, present our hobby breed Savannah Genetics in Germany.

We are 2 young media designers from Karlsruhe in Baden-Württemberg near Stuttgart – Frankfurt – Basel (Swiss). And his father from Alsace in France.

We are breeder of this rare and luxurious of Savannah cat. We make our commitment available to the Society of Hybridcats (GHK).

Our goal is to work together with the GHK to solidify the Savannah cat in its characteristics. Likewise, the shoulder height of over 40 cm, which is to be reached permanently.

We also take care of the media design, which means we take care of the web design, web programming and post production of all GHK members and manage all related sites we serve, such as Youtube, Google+ and Instagram.

Savannah Kitten

We have Savannah Kittens

We have several Savannah kittens in different colors, from brown, black, silver black to melanistic. Our Savannah kittens come in different sizes, so let us know if you would rather have a bigger or smaller sized Savannah cat.

F5 SBT Savannah Kitten

Color: Brown Black
Gender: Female

F5 SBT Savannah Kitten

Color: Black Smoke
Gender: Female

What to expect when receiving your Savannah kittens:

When you receive your kittens, they will already be housebroken, and of course, vaccinated with a chip, including an EU passport with a pedigree of 4 generations and also a food package with their favorite toys. The kittens are very typical and belong to the generation F5 SBT. It goes without saying that we are always available to answer your questions via WhatsApp, by phone and by e-mail.

Before deciding to purchase a kitten, please read our homepage carefully to make sure that the Savannah cat suits you. Read our checklist, employment, attitude etc. to receive more information.


Every kitten is chipped upon vaccination.




As a standard procedure, all of our kittens are dewormed.


On average, our kittens are housebroken after 4-5 weeks.


Of course you get your kitten with a pedigree or pedigree.

Food package

You will receive a 3-day food package.

delivery service

World Wide Shipping
We bring your Savannah cat to your home.

Our Savannah Cats

Everything about our Savannah Cats

Our Savannah Cats and their selection was really hard for us. Especially since the selection in Germany is not great. The search for suitable parent animals has lasted for years until we found our savannahs.

Particularly striking character & external characteristics

For us it was particularly important that the Savannah cat is really purebred and is a real Savannah cat. As a hobby breeder, we always strive to improve our hobby breeding, to get closer to the characteristics of a Servals. We always look for type full Savannah Cats that not only contribute visual enhancement, but also bring the character of a serval or an F1.

The Savannah Cats from usare extremely affectionate and immediately start to purr when in attendance. In their cuddly units they always make milk. Some of our Savannahs are also very talkative, and if they want to enforce something, even though they say no. Then they start arguing with one over the prohibition by chattering, for example.

Our Savannah Cats

This is a one of us Savannah Cat in his Home on the Island Borkum (Nord Sea). On This Foto Dexter is one year and three months old and already weighs over 8 KG.

Savannah Cat Male


Promoting our Savannah Cat Male breeding is our priority and should be the goal of every Savannah Breeder.

That’s why optimal Savannah Cat mating kit is essential as the Savannah cats are still not well established.

As a result, there is still a worldwide shortage of male Savannah cats, making the selection for a Savannah cat much more difficult.

Savannah Cat

The special thing about our Savannah Deckkatern is that they inherit the size and the very strong white wild spots at the rear ear.
Both males have very large ears, long hind legs and beautiful round accurate spots with a deep contrast. One of them even has a white lower abdomen.

For safety reasons, we do not offer any foreign cover for your health!
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